Ted2Go.tips: Code templates

Code templates

  1. Use Tab or mouse-click to choose template from completion list.
  2. You can add/remove your own templates in Preferences — CodeTemplates section.
  3. Templates showing in completion even for ‘unknown’ vars (local variables).
  4. We can specify ‘where’ to show templates by adding dot-prefixes:
    • Without dots – shows only for single idents like abc
    • Single dot . – shows for any idents: single like abc ; and dot-separated like abc.def
    • Double-dot ..– shows only for dot-separated idents like abc.def
  5. Dots are used just for definition not for typing in code.

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Ted2Go v2.3.1 released!

Released v2.3.1!

Binaries are here: https://nerobot.itch.io/ted2go


* DoubleClick on INS in status bar to change mode;
* Double clicking on the line number in status bar – open goto line dialog;
* Insert lambda – spaces in breckets if w/o params;
* SaveState when open/close file or project;
* Add Monkey2 root path into prefs;
* Close completion if typed not ident char;
* Add keywords for *.glsl.


* Completion list is above the line if editor toolbar is hidden;
* Custom font doesn’t take theme scale factor;
* Mouse wheel event on text fields inside of Prefs dialog crashes app;
* Auto-insert: add space before ‘Override’;
* Incorrect numpad digits;
* Sources tree – sorting is broken. recompiling fix that – magic;
* Go to declaration by the only F1 press;
* Comments by Ctrl+’ add two ‘ at the end line.

Cheers! 🙂