Ted2Go v2.3 released!

Yippee! 🙂  Big release is here.

Let’s look what’s new:

  • Project browser
    • (!) Added items for folders: “Open as project”, “Close Project”, “Clean (delete .buildv)”, “Open on Desktop” and “Update/Rebuild module”;
    • Added “Recent Projects” item into File menu;
    • Open files by double-click;
  • Editor
    • (!) Select font for editor inside of ide (Preferences dialog);
    • (!) Improved colorizing of c/cpp files; now its good to edit native files;
    • Improved whitespaces appearance;
    • Fixed – Insert / Override text mode not worked;
    • Fixed default font applying;
    • Editor toolbar now hidden by default;
    • Fixed issue #9 (debug line);
  • Completion
    • New completion dialog style – removed empty title strip;
    • Fixed dialog height, and show it *under* current line;
    • Fixed dialog positioning – now it can be above Output consoles;
    • Don’t select item under mouse pointer (it looks slow);
    • Fixed insertion of overriden methods text;
    • Make completion “by dot” optional;
  • Gutter area
    • Option to show “Every 10th line number” to make more clear view (true by default);
    • Current line number looks brighter; and edges of selection region;
  • App
    • (!) Now can run outside of monkey2 folder – it show dialog to specify root folder at first start;
    • (!) Stop all parsing processes when closing app to avoid mx2cc stay running;
    • Change status bar color when run app;
    • Change app title format: FileName – Ted2goName – FilePath;
    • Restore console visible after running stop, not building stop;
    • Store/Restore tab panels visibility at app startup; next run you’ll see the same tabs as you leave;
    • Fixed – fonts don’t copied from assets to product folder;
  • Menus
    • (!) Open sub-menus when mouse over in 1 sec;
    • Added arrows on the right of items with sub-menu;
    • Custom text color for shortcuts;
  • Saving dialog
    • Added common file types filters;
  • Styles
    • Changed default progress bar image;
    • Fixed dark corner in project view;
    • Updated Smooth theme (by Hezkore).

(!) – important feature


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