Ted2Go.tips: Code templates

Code templates

  1. Use Tab or mouse-click to choose template from completion list.
  2. You can add/remove your own templates in Preferences — CodeTemplates section.
  3. Templates showing in completion even for ‘unknown’ vars (local variables).
  4. We can specify ‘where’ to show templates by adding dot-prefixes:
    • Without dots – shows only for single idents like abc
    • Single dot . – shows for any idents: single like abc ; and dot-separated like abc.def
    • Double-dot ..– shows only for dot-separated idents like abc.def
  5. Dots are used just for definition not for typing in code.

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Ted2Go.tips: Project files filtering

Since version 2.7 you can use files filtering in project tree. (earlier versions also have filtering but work incorrect in some cases)

Ted2Go read filtering rules from project.json file, placed in root project folder.

Each project with own project.json.

To use filtering, create this file yourself.

There is an exclude string-array item representing filtering rules.

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