Ted2Go.tips: Project files filtering

Since version 2.7 you can use files filtering in project tree. (earlier versions also have filtering but work incorrect in some cases)

Ted2Go read filtering rules from project.json file, placed in root project folder.

Each project with own project.json.

To use filtering, create this file yourself.

There is an exclude string-array item representing filtering rules.

For example,

// project.json
 "exclude":[".git*", "bin", "*.buildv*", "*.products", "logo","*.bat"]

Explaining rules

There is no regexp, but a little magic with * char, star-char means “there can be any text”.

Any items satisfying filter rules will be hidden in project tree.

  • *filter (starts with star) – any items ends with filter;
  • filter* (ends with star) – any items starts with filter;
  • *filter* (starts and ends) – any items contains filter in any position;
  • filter (w/o stars) – any items equals to filter.

Note: stars in the middle of filter text are not supported, them will be applied as a common text characters.

For example, rule .git* will hide .git folder and .gitignore file.

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